Where We're Heading

New Hope Church exists to bring all people the life-changing hope of Jesus.

Pastor Phil and Alicia dreamed of planting a Spirit-empowered church with a simple goal: to help people find the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ.  That vision has advanced into a mission and culture with values that have now identified New Hope Church.

"Imagine a church that is so passionate about God and their worship that it goes way beyond a Sunday morning service, but it lives in the lives of the people everyday."

"What if we could start a church that proclaims the gospel in word and deed, a generous church that serves the needs in our communities, displaying the love of God in tangible ways?"

"Imagine a church full of real people with real problems who are humble enough to say they need God and each other."

"What would it look like for an entire city to find the hope of Jesus Christ and be transformed because of it?"

Worship // Love God

Following Jesus is about more than worshipping on Sundays; it’s about how we live.

Our goal is to make disciples… people who love God with all of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. We’ve experienced God’s grace, and it left its mark on us. We can’t help but lead others to experience the grace God has so freely shared with us.

So we teach the word of God, we cultivate an atmosphere for the presence of the Holy Spirit in our services, we pray together, and then we take God’s presence with us to our schools, work places, local coffee shops…wherever we go.

Community // Grow Together

Jesus has called us to live as part of his body and family. To be a Christian is to be in community. And just like any adopted family, we embrace diversity and accept people for who they are.

We bring people together on the basis of what we share — God’s love — and what we have in common is greater than anything that separates us. We embrace people from many walks of life, creating a place where people can gather around the table to share the gospel, life, a meal, needs, prayers, and experience true community.

Mission // Serve Others

With salvation comes an invitation to join God in his work of salvation. We believe that through the work of Christ, God is making all things new; we are called to be a living picture of Jesus by our sacrificial service, generosity, love of our neighbors, and proclamation of the gospel.

We want to join the story of sharing Jesus in our community…to see the Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.